The Fabric of My Being


Spanking is part of the fabric of my being. Dare I say I am not alone in this? I think that for many of us it’s just an innate part of who we are. Spanking thoughts are always lurking around in the back of our brains just waiting for their moment to come bursting out. These can come forth with any number of triggers; be it a tree branch that looks just perfect for a switch, to spying a wooden spoon or spatula while cooking in the kitchen. How about those moments when you see a couple arguing in the store? The wife practically begging to be taken over her spouse’s knee right then and there. Farm stores aren’t safe anymore (riding crops, leather leads,) hardware stores are out (wow, the plethora of spanking potential!) Once innocent items have now taken on new meaning. I will never look at a mini blind rod the same! Or an arrow from an archery set (thank you Renee Rose!) I can’t make it through a day without fantasizing about being spanked for one reason or another. Life just goes on around me. People are just living their lives, interacting with me, all the while having NO IDEA what is going on inside my brain. I think they would run for their lives if they knew. Thank goodness the majority of my friends and family aren’t mind readers. These thoughts have been a daily part of my life for 5 years & an active part of my life before that. Unfortunately life does not allow for spanking to happen all day long every day. Darn it! Lucky for us there are a plethora of amazing spanking books out there for us to satisfy our daily cravings. I do mean amazing. The spanking genre has boomed over the last few years much to my eternal glee. In fact the choices are becoming more varied and better quality all the time. If that wasn’t all, thanks to the internet we can also satisfy our need to talk about all of that yummy spanking fiction with others that have that same drive nestled into the fabric of their being as well. I decided to share my current top six favorite spanking novels to tide you over until your next satisfying interlude. Now ask me in a month and my favorites will have changed. They don’t call me a spanking romance addict for the heck of it. So here you are:

Editorial Board by Anastasia Vitsky


Naia and the Professor by Natasha Knight


Otherworldly Discipline; A Witches Lesson by Korey Mae Johnson


Rules of War by Sue Lyndon


The Devil of Whiskey Row by Renee Rose


The Rod & Cane Series by Cara Bristol

CB_UnexpectedConsequences_coverlg (1)CB_FalsePretenses_coverlg (1)cb_racs3_bodypolitics_coverin (1)

What are your current top favorites? I want to hear your thoughts as well! You can include blogs in this as well if you don’t do your reading in book form.

10 thoughts on “The Fabric of My Being

  1. Oh, wow. Thank you for giving Edie some love! I’m curious that it was Edie and not Kat. Some wonderful, wonderful books on this list, and I’m thrilled to be part of it. Thank you so much, Corinne, for all of your wonderful support for this community.

    • Corinne Alexander says:

      I’m planning on giving Kat & Natalie their own post closer to release time for Kat 2. I loved Edie in it’s own right. I loved Spring’s feisty nature & Rachel’s true caring yet no nonsense ways of dealing with her.

  2. natasha knight says:

    It is almost always lurking somwhere in my thughts as well…glad we are not alone. Favorites at this moment? Still love Pleasing the Colonel, just finished and loved Shared Between Them, loved the Devil of Whiskey Row. I’m on to Editorial Board next…I need more suggestions please!! Thanks for putting me on your list!

  3. Great post!!
    I loved these books too!
    Have you ever read the Sam McGee series? They are also a lot of fun. 🙂

  4. Renee Rose says:

    Sorry, just found this– thank you so much for including the Devil of Whiskey Row!! I wholeheartedly agree with your list– those are all on my top list too!

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